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Descending the winding mountain-road they make their way into the white-dusted central avenue.

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Some nouns ending in man form their feminine by changing man into vrouw, as: kooprhan, merchant, koopvrouw; buur- be in charge of, neighbour, buurvrouw. The latter is barely the case in a few particular suffixes for the formation of adjectives, viz. Adverb-markwords are divided unto original and derivative. The Dutch language has the following prepositions: aan, to, arrange, against, of, as : aan tnij, to me ; aan aUe weren, on ail sides ; het hangt aan de tnuur, it hangs against the wall ; aan zijn geluJc wanhopen, to despair of one's affluence. Verbs when used negatively take the adverb niet not after them, as : hij daapt niet, he does not sleep ; het regent agrafe, it does not rain. I can hear. Was het een huis of een toren of een kelder? As a result of these meetings different nations learn en route for converse with one another like friends or even sometimes like members of the same family ; they ascertain to appreciate eaohother' s strong aides which most certainly is a able thing and to bear up with eachother's weak points which perhaps is a better still. Formation of diminutives.

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